Journaling on my experience as a mixed media artist. I love trying new techniques. You might find anything from altered art like books, tip ins, ATC's, fat books, watercolors, scrapbooking, stamping, cards, antiques, potpourri. I hope to add items you enjoy for sale. I have been dabbling in art since I received my first box of crayons. I especially love the heritage or vintage look. judy

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Mother of two beautiful women, grandmother of 1 boy and 2 girls, caregiver to my Mother, artist. Our family includes 1 cat, and a land turtle. I have been mama to 2 ferol cat families.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White is not really a color.

After following the Inauguration today and all the talk on civil rights I remembered something I did as a child. I could not read yet so I had to have been younger than 6. I had very little parental guidance and was over a mile from home. I had to use the restroom so I went in the bus station. There were a lot of doors and some had signs. I asked a porter what the signs said and he said "colored". Mnnnn, what does that mean? "The color of your skin". That was easy as I looked at my arm. I'm white so I go in the colored one. It was really hot out so I got a drink from the "colored" water fountain when I came out too.
The porter had several upset people talking to him and he kept saying "ask her, ask the little girl if I told her to go in there".A very disturbed woman told me the colored porter was being fired and questioned me about our conversation. I repeated my story to several perplexed people and then I cried and told them I didn't want them to fire that nice man for helping me.Then a detective came and showed me his badge and I repeated what had happened to him and told him I was so scared and didn't want to go to jail and I didn't want the man to be fired. Sob, sob, sniff, sniff. The woman wails" what do we do ? She actually used that bathroom and water fountain!" The detective told me I should go home and stated to the crowd the porter was not to be fired. That's how I learned about civil rights and prejudice-not at home, not from my ethnic neighborhood friends but from strangers in a bus station. I went home and never told a soul what had taken place, but I was afraid to go out of the house for a while.

Art Journal

Art journals seem to be the latest rage.A glimpse of art depicting my personal journey, likes, dislikes, emotions, viewpoints. Here is a page from mine.Flight 1549. I possess a gift of premonition.I have a flash of

an event that is usually a tragedy and I think "Why did I think something so terrible?" I dread them as they may concern family, friends, strangers, firemen and events I have no control of..My heart has been heavy with all the events in the world and I want to see something good happen- not this lingering plane crash that has been bothering me.The other day as I watched tv it switched to live news of a plane crash in the Hudson River. My eyes saw more than yours saw- my ears heard more than you heard.

The nearly 3000 souls from the World Trade Center saw Flight 1549s peril and sounded an alarm for help.. No! No! They would not standby to see another epic tragedy beset their city and loved ones. Todd Beamer once again yelled "Let's roll!" and the 44 from Pennsylvania were there to aid. A miracle was orchestrated and performed. Capt. Chelsea Sullenberger was one of the heroes and all the others who were timely in place. The angels surrounded them and were filled with joy. The announcer said there had to have been divine intervention.Was there ever!!! Thanks be to God!!! No I am not mentally unbalanced..

Historical Day

The world watched as Barack Obama became the 44th president of our great nation. We have hope......