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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marbled paper shaving cream technique

I haven't posted for awhile as I have been busy with life.I needed marbled paper for ATCs in Arttechniquesatc group and I've been wanting to try this method . It is easy and rewarding.I used my kitchen table covered with newspaper. I covered the floor with paper also. I placed the trash can next to me. I just used one of those flat cardboard boxes that have the sides cut down. The shaving cream was squirted on larger than my cardstock and about inch and a half deep. I used a spatula to smooth it out. I used my Ranger Distress Ink reinkers Green, Denim, Soot Black, and Vintage Paper. I also used different colors of cardstock. So I squirted

a pattern and used a plastic spoon handle to marble the ink. So I layed a piece of cs on it and lightly smooshed it in with back of my fingers. I could hardly wait to see what it would look like. Anticipation! So I picked it up and placed on a newspaper and used a window squeegee to wipe away the shaving cream which I wiped off into the trashcan. There it was! I moved this to another paper to dry and proceeded to make more. I only changed the cream once because I wanted other colors. I did about 30 pieces of cardstock and 2 pieces of music. This dries really fast also.So here are pictures from the dinosauer camera of the finished product.Timewise it took about 1 and a half hours. It was fun!


Blogger Artsy-Reg said...

Beautiful marbled papers! BTW, my I see that you're from central Illinois. I grew up in Moline, and my hubby is from Washington, IL (near Peoria). :-)

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